Jun 15

Colm F. Connolly was a Corrupt U.S. Attorney

Corruption is as Corruption does!

Romney's crony includes former MNAT partner turned into Delaware United States Attorney Colm F'n Connolly


This page is for posting on parties, entities and issues that are morose. Such as the fact that, in 1999, Colm Connolly (pictured above) was the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney. ( you can see Colm's Department of Justice  Office of Legal Policy archived resume - HERE)

Also in 1999, eToys (represented by MNAT in bankruptcy court - in 2001) went public and Romney's entity - The Learning Company - was merged with Mattel Toys and MNAT was involved.

The investors in Mattel immediately lost a reported $3 Billion in what was classified as one of the worst corporate mergers of all time. (See article on bad corporate mergers - HERE)

eToys had gone public in 1999 and the stock price rocketed to $85; but eToys was only granted less than $20 by Goldman Sachs. MNAT also (secretly) represented Goldman Sachs when the MNAT law firm asked to be the party to represent eToys in the Delaware bankruptcy court case (#01-706 (2001)).

MNAT, then supplicated many false affidavits hiding the fact that MNAT (secretly) works for Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital in other matters. Paul Traub, the attorney for the eToys creditors, also secretly works with Bain Capital/ Kay Bee (that acquired eToys) and Goldman Sachs interests.

Then, while benefiting from perjury, MNAT nominated the Traub Bonacquist & Fox (TBF) law firm to sue Goldman Sachs in the New York Supreme Court (for where the monies went between $20 and $85 in the IPO).

Hence, Goldman Sachs was - in essence - suing Goldman Sachs

As reported by the New York Times OpEd of Joe Nocera, in March 2013, this was a "Rigging the I.P.O. Game". As reported on by Mr. Nocera;

The eToys initial public offering raised $164 million, a nice chunk of change for a two-year-old company. But it wasn’t even close to the $600 million-plus the company could have raised if the offering price had more realistically reflected the intense demand for eToys shares. The firm that underwrote the I.P.O. — and effectively set the $20 price — was Goldman Sachs.

m. Part of their evidence for the calculated underpricing of eToys, according to the plaintiffs’ complaint, was that Lawton Fitt, the Goldman executive who headed the underwriting team and was thus best positioned to gauge the market demand, actually made a bet with several of her colleagues that the price would hit $80 at the opening. (Through a Goldman Sachs spokesman, Fitt declined to comment. Goldman denies that it did anything wrong, about which more shortly.)

To give you the whole thing in a nutshell - Colm Connolly was the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney when 'The Learning Company' (owned by Romney & parties) was merged with Mattel, in Delaware, in 1999; and MNAT law firm is on record of the S.E.C. - as party to the transaction. Mattel investors immediately lost billions of dollars and Colm Connolly switched sides, leaving the Department of Justice and became an MNAT partner.

(By the way, MNAT is the law firm that handled Howard Hughes until his death, then MNAT switched sides and represented the Mormon Church's claims upon Hughes Will & Estate).

Also in 1999, eToys went public, via Goldman Sachs; where eToys lost hundreds of millions.

-------------------------------MNAT (secretly) represents Goldman Sachs in Delaware

------------------------------------- Due to I.P.O. fraud and other crimes, eToys filed bankruptcy in 2001

----------------------------------------- MNAT lied (hid ties to Goldman Sachs & Bain Cap.) to become eToys counsel


Among the many crimes perpetrated against eToys, The Learning Company and Kay Bee, is the fact that Bain Capital/ Kay Bee acquired eToys.com assets, during the bankruptcy, for tens of millions of dollars that MNAT (due to the fact it failed to disclose the conflict of interest of Bain Capital and Romney issues as clients) then helped reduced those sales prices - while MNAT law firm made millions of dollars in fees - that no one objected to - because all other parties (inside, include CEO who replaced Laser Haas and creditors attorney Paul Traub who was also partners with fraudsters Marc Dreier and Ponzi schemer Tom Petters) - were in on the looting of eToys.

MNAT, who is Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital's secret counsel, then nominates Paul Traub's law firm, to be the one to prosecute the eToys case against Goldman Sachs, in New York Supreme Court (case# 601805/2002).

Hence, Goldman Sachs was suing Goldman Sachs and eToys lost!

In the Kay Bee federal case, the roles are reversed by the bad faith parties. CEO Michael Glazer pays himself $18 million in consideration and Bain Capital $83 million. MNAT openly represents Bain Capital in that Kay Bee federal case issue and Paul Traub's law firm asks to be the party to prosecute (doing so At The Very Time that Paul Traub's law firm is being prosecuted for fraud - in eToys - for Traub {as Creditor's counsel} unlawfully placing his partner {Barry Gold} inside as President/CEO of eToys {while Gold and Traub were working under Glazer at Romney's Stage Stores}).

Making this all morose, is the fact that Colm Connolly, was a MNAT partner, until August 2001. President George W. Bush then nominated Connolly to become the full United States Attorney, in Delaware, over all these cases, on August 2, 2001.

Mr. Connolly never informed Laser Haas and/or the courts/ parties of interest, that, when, head federal prosecutors office was refusing to investigate and/or prosecute The Learning Company, Kay Bee and eToys crimes, Colm Connolly was - actually - refusing to investigate and/or prosecute former partners and related clients.

It is no small coincidence that this same period of time that Colm F. Connolly was a partner of MNAT (that being 1999 to August 2001) is the same exact period of time Willard Mitt Romney claims to have been exculpated because he was "retroactively" retired from Bain Capital, in August 2001 - back to February 11, 1999.

Could Capone "retroactively" retire from his organized crimes?