Jun 15

About US

Fighting corruption is a noble battle.

The truth will set you free!

This website was contemplated for a long period of time. Many discussions have transpired between victims both large and small. We've discovered (as you will see in our postings) that corruption has no boundaries. It will reign and run, as long as it can, like a beast ravenous.

We here at Fighting-Corruption.com are seeking solutions by being a Think Tank.

It is axiomatic that newspapers, radio and TV has become the lame stream. The powers that be steal from all of U.S. to give to the few of them. With their unjust enrichment, those engaging in corruption have acquired the main stream media (chiefly through ill gotten gains) and turned it all into realm of propaganda and major forums of disinformation.

Flagrant Corruption

Romney's Cronies

We can stop the abusiveness of  oligarchs and tyrants, and/or public servants who betray us and utilize cronyism and corruption as privileged, Above the Law commodities.

Yes, it is due to our founders battles against Mitt Romney and Goldman Sachs, among others, of a civil war  that has spawned this Fighting-Corruption Blog. Though others mock and ridicule, there are over 2 dozen bad faith parties who went to prison, because one insignificant person had a bag of facts that remained irrefutable.

The inflexible sword of truth is always immortal!

This realm is to be everyone's forum to gather together persons and tools to arrest any form of corruption. One of the most arduous tasks our founder has endured, is that of just getting any authority to look at the facts. Whether those charged with the task are incompetent, choose discretion over valor and/or worse, apathy and willful blindness by such is intolerable.

Prior to this time, they - the bad faith scheming puppet masters - have enjoyed the luxury of our unity of purpose being at a huge disadvantage, due to the lack of focused teamwork.

We - that is to say You and I - can grow each day, become stronger and make a real difference!

Can't never could - until it tries!