Sep 15

2016 Washington, D.C. Summit on Fighting Corruption




It is the goal of this realm to empower good faith parties to battle corruption, on all levels, more proficiently.

Unfortunately, this realm's founder has learned, through a decade plus of fighting massive federal corruption that protects Mitt Romney, Goldman Sachs and Bain Capital law breaking;

 in the hopes of defeating corruption,

one is - at best - daunted.

It is a well established cliche, of the parabolic logic, that one "Can't Fight City Hall". Thus, it goes to say, you can't fight corruption by judges, courts, prosecutors, police by states and/or federal. They simply have far too much power and victims have far too little.

Our belief is - "Can't never could - until it tries"!

Hence, as Martin Luther King Jr. has stated, we must organize to stop war (war is also corruption) as effectively as those who promote war (engage in corruption). This is why, Fighting-Corruption is going to go through the expense of holding an event about strategy (and specific cases of note) - in Washington, D.C. - in 2016.

As of this date, we have commitments of several parties, to attend and engage; but our program as far as how many days, particular emphasis and other items remains open.

We hope to gather forces, come up with programs, ideas and network with like minded entities and persons.

Being that main stream media is considerably bought and paid for propaganda machines, this means that we (you and I) are the real (True) media. It is up to us to become a force to be reckoned with, by the establishing of a global network of persons and entities who tell the truth - with a louder voice.

If repetitive, verbal, bull=chit reinforcing, works for bad faith agendas, then it is clearly obvious, with the truth being inflexible and immortal - that we simply need to speak the truth louder and more often.

If you wish to participate and/or attend - please feel free to Contact Us ?