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It's Not Easy - Battling Big Sleazies

Most people have a sense of right and wrong and fight hard when they believe they are on the right side. Sad to say, our systems of justice are run by people who have a different sense of things. Where it could be argued that our police, state and federal courts, federal agents and agencies go by the controlling standard of;

Power, Money and Might Makes Right!

It sucks the whammy that this is the reality of our world, where the oligarchs are usually above the law. Truth be told, it has been this way for all time. The only difference now is, you and I, thanks to the web, are the media outlet for our sagas. When we see it, hear of it, or have to deal with it - we post it.


As the founder of this realm is publicly known to go "at it" with very powerful entities and people, getting the case mentioned in the media much, for over a decade, many people and/or organizations come us for assistance. This is due to the misguided belief that all you have to do is get it into the media = and all the problems will solve themselves.

EEEAANNTT - Wrong the player is - thereof!

Yes, it is true that our founder has been able to garner over 100 articles about the eToys related cases; but the many culprits (Paul Traub, Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital and Mitt Romney) are still getting off {practically} almost totally 'Scot Free'.

Although dents have been made - (Good Dents) - with over 2 dozen in people in jail, law firms closed down and public servants worthless now gone away. The fact of the matter remains - the Civil War continues.

It is not simply getting the main stream media and more recognizable online outlets to post your case, it is also what they say, who they say it is about and how many pick up on it. Even with more than several million web hits and hundreds of thousands of Facebook likes/shares, and Tweets etc., - the right things being stated the correct way, to the necessary readers - has not occurred.

Take a look at some of the items well received, such as the Wall Street Journal 2005 (here), Rolling Stone cover story September 2012 (here), New York Times 2013 (here) and more recent items by Ann Werner at Liberals United 2014 (here), FireDogLake D. Wright 2015 Unending eToys (here) and/or Crooks and Liars 2015 item Romney Slapped with Racketeering (here).

Are they all telling the "same" exact story?

------- Do you now know everything, from any one of them?

-----------Bet you didn't notice, even though some link to case filings, most spell our founders name wrong!

Fighters don't control Editors. Even writers and activists well received (such as Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone) do not control Editors. If you look at Rolling Stone's September 2012 cover story "Greed and Debt: The True Story About Mitt Romney and Bain Capital", even Taibbi and Rolling Stone still missed their chance at a Pulitzer Prize, by being dimwits and only telling part of the story (they didn't even mention the fact our founder prompted them).

For instance, Greed and Debt tells a good deal about the corruption of Stage Stores by a Michael Milken judge who had a wife that was part of the Stage Stores dealings. Then Matt Taibbi goes into the banter about Kay Bee Toys and Michael Glazer.

HOWEVER, due to the fact that Taibbi cancelled the conference call with Laser Haas, it resulted in Matt missing a few key points. Such as the issue that Kay Bee CEO, Michael Glazer, was also a director at Stage Stores (actually, Glazer is now CEO of Stage Stores). And Rolling Stone conveniently edited out anything about the case that proves Romney is a Racketeer; that of eToys.com that has Glazer, Romney, Kay Bee and other plays from Stage Stores too. Not to mention the fact that no one, including Taibbi's "Greed and Debt" story, ever bothered to mention the glaring case (one of 3 major "retroactive" secrets) of "The Learning Company".


Again, it is not just a matter of getting your story into the media. You have to make sure the goals are simple, the understanding of your case is simple; and hope/pray that they tell it in such a way - that you obtain your  goals!

Greed and Debt was Matt Taibbi's biggest story of all time. So much so that he set out to be a breed apart, working with a magazine of purported purists. But, just think, had Matt told the who story, of the eToys case, how Romney's crony Paul Traub was partners with fraudsters Marc Dreier and Tom Petters, of the issue that Mitt's Bain Capital law firm (MNAT.com) actually possessed their very own federal prosecutor. And how that prosecutor (Colm F Connolly - detailed on the Hall of Shame page) - almost became a federal judge; but was stopped by then Senator Joe Biden. Then Matt Taibbi would have stopped Romney - During an Election for POTUS - and forced the feds to do the proper investigation. Instead, Taibbi had to come back to Rolling Stone and there's no Pulitzer.






Fighting corruption is a noble battle.

The truth will set you free!


How to fight tyranny, cronyism and corruption isn't easy. And, if you don't take the time to admit certain realities, the task will be daunting, to say the least. Be that as it may, many of us make a determination, to some degree, to fight the fight. Also sad to say, most of us learn the hard way, to odds and also the system, are rigged against us.

  6. UTILIZE SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS (Must have your own website)


You need to be cognizant of - and always remember this -though it is true, "The bigger they are - the harder they fall", that it is also true that 'The bigger the corruption/ cover ups are - the harder they are to fell'.

Most fail to analyze, from the outset, how daunting the tasks may be, when they get angry at tyranny, cronyism and corruption. Gandhi was willing to give his life and starved himself close to death, to avoid violence (even when he and his followers were willing to die and outnumbered the adversary - greatly).

Sad thing is, the man who's birthday is the international day of non-violence, was assassinated by bullets.

Nelson Mandela spent decades in prison (arrested 1962 and released in 1990). He was, at one time, classified as a terrorist (amazing how oppressors who beat, incarcerate, abuse and kill - call those who fight back - terrorists). If he had given up (as most of us would have) with his decades in prison, just think of what the world would've lost!

Flagrant Corruption

Romney's Cronies

In our related cases (Rothschild/Discala, Palm Beach Links Capital, Lancelot, Vennes, Petters, Dreier, Madoff, Stanford and eToys) - there's much material adverse harm, mayhem and untimely deaths. As is simple to see, by the visual chart pic above, there's no 6-degrees of separation between Romney and the various fraud schemes.

Remember, he bragged - often - of his making millions each year from Bain Capital.

------- Racketeering laws are direct and/or indirect benefit, hence, Romney is guilty, if Bain Capital did wrong!


I'm just sayin......

----------------and have been sayin.....

--------------------------------------------and sayin, and sayin and sayin......

MittThanksSuckers (210x163)

Tyranny, Cronyism and Corruption are Rampant

The corruption is so openly blatant, brazen and flagrant - that a Chief Federal Judge (over eToys) openly accepted a forgery, in our eToys case, from my own (and eToys) court appointed counsel MNAT.com.

All the bad guys, akin to Capone saying "you dirty rat" - presented a forgery, purportedly gifted to the crooks, by yours truly and coming from the parties who had ALREADY CONFESSED lying under oath (some even admitted intentionally) - that yours truly simply "waived" my and my company's (Collateral Logicistic's Inc., {"CLI}) rights to be paid success fees and expenses, estimated to be $3.7 million.


There's a certain legal standard of law, called "quid pro quo" - that court's must determine, in order to grant a party validity to their side of the argument. In other words, what did those who confessed to supplication of 33 bogus affidavits to the federal court, give yours truly - in kind - as consideration equal to $3.7 million.

Nothing - Not a Damn Thing - Even the "waiver" they forged, states we are to be paid "success" fees.

Obviously, the federal justice simply never read the 2 page Haas Affidavit that the court accepted was a waiver. Or the court would have worded the remarks differently. Retaliation against victim/ witness, is not only a federal crime - it is a Racketeering "predicate act". How can Laser Haas not be allowed to point out admitted liars have submitted a forged Laser Haas affidavit?

Can Capone be allowed get off 'Scot Free' and be allowed to retaliate against the whistleblower?

Courts Almost Always Rule in Favor of Corruption

Then the 3rd Circuit Court actually states, in a proper appeal, that the Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure do NOT apply to our eToys federal case. (See  3rd Circuit dismissal of appeal - page 7 - HERE).

A more correct way to say it, is that "The Law doesn't apply to Goldman Sachs, Romney & Bain Cap."!

There's so much at stake and we (you, I, our country) are losing the battles, over and over again, day in and day out. Of the vast arrays of corruption plaguing humanity, there's no greater evil than tax paid public servants who betray their oath of office and work despotic against the public's trust.

Be that as it may we can put a stop of this; but you must face the realities of how hard the battles may be. As you can see by this chart, immediately below, Romney's cohort and cronies are involved in fraud schemes everywhere (including Mitt and his son Tagg, via Solamere, being involved in Stanford - directly); but they are never even, so much as a mention, by federal agents/agencies (much less ever investigated and/or prosecuted).

In your case, like ours, there will be varying degrees of how far the other side will go. It is far easier, in a smaller case, for a local authority, to turn a blind eye to your "accident" (untimely demise); because they have great power and influence - locally.

You have to ask the question - "Is this battle worth it"!

------------- If your answer is yes (cause you don't have kids, wife, hubby, etc.,) then - Get Ready for Civil War. ---- NO..... you don't think it is actually a Civil War... Think Again!

Warring Against the Nation & Citizenry - Under "Color of Law"

As is iterated by the United States Supreme Court, in the case of Cooper v Aaron, as is published upon the public record, stating the following - axiomatic - principal, that;

9. No state legislator or executive or judicial officer can war against the Constitution without violating his solemn oath to support it. P.358 U. S. 18.

In that case of Cooper v Aaron, the issue at hand was of no small consequence. A Governor in Arkansas and his Legislature (under the pretense of preserving domestic tranquility) had decided to suspend the Supreme Court of the United States ruling, in Brown v Board of Education - on the issue of desegregation.

Pretending to be Lawful via the illegal perversion of Color of Law"

We here, at Fighting-Corruption.com, are well aware that the tide has turned and police, federal agents/ agencies and judges (state, district and circuit - and even Supreme Court {in Citizen's United and Hobby Lobby}) are, on a regular basis, making WAR against the Constitution of the United States

----- simply because they can do so - and totally get away with Civil Rights violations - under "Color of Law"

Courts often justify their disregard of the law under pretense. They fake as if they are going by the Constitution of the United States, when - in fact - they are abusing their power of discretion and lying with judicial immunity.

In our eToys case, once the parties confessed supplication of erroneous affidavits, it was a requisite of law (an actual command of Congress) that the parties were to be disqualified (removed from the case).

But - if the court did remove the perpetrators - any other party would point out their crimes and dear good ole boys Goldman Sachs, Bain Capital, Paul Traub (known as brown bag king of New York) and Mitt (the Pitts) Romney wouldn't get their ill gotten gains.

And that would be so sad - if Romney couldn't have his 3 car elevator garage.

You Can Admit You Don't Want to Fight the Front Lines

Now, it may be that you realize your task is too hard and you don't want to fight them; because the issue is huge and battling them might come at great risk. There's no shame in admitting reality and/or protecting the innocents. You have a right to protect your family, friends and/or others. Yours truly hasn't seen, nor ever held, most of his grand children, after my daughter was abducted - on my birthday (as a warning) - in 2004.

How could I ever put family and friends at risk, when the enemy has the gall to call me and rub it in?

Thus, if your battle is estimated to be such, simply consider letting us here at Fighting-Corruption know of the case and issues. We even will help you do so anonymously! We will research the facts and (hopefully, as our network grows) see if there are people in your area that can look into the matter. We have a right (and yours truly feels it is his duty) to fight corruption of any/ every form. Some have to stay and do the works to build the machinery (speak to others about the cases - say "look at this website - did you see this").

We all have a part - some plant seeds, some water - some suffer greatly - and all may celebrate the wins.

Many an editor, even lawyers of purported Progressive, anti Wall Street fraudster realms, tend to talk down to us and our founder. One guy (Mr. B) actually engaged his own following to assault, bait and enrage this site's founder, to the point that he blew up and yelled back.

Bad guys won - as DailyKos booted LaserHaas off their web site.

As Gandhi is upon the record, decades ago, saying

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you - and then you win!

Truth is, until your adversaries are paying their full attention to you, then you are not at the final battleground and the win is but a small light, in a long tunnel - far away.

But, do take solace in the fact that skirmishes and battles against tyranny, cronyism and corruption - are won!

Battling Corruption takes due diligence.

Unfortunately, even though the United States of America boasts of being a realm where truth and justice are the purported American way; the fact of the matter is the ideal is the exception and venality has become the rule.

Ordinary citizens can make a difference. The founder of this blog is proof of such (media remarks on the cases worked on - will be posted in the future). He has suffered the slings and arrows of losing his career, his children's inheritance, family, friends and worse (where many said he was stupid for not taking the bribe to become Mitt's buddy). Justice seems to act as if whistleblowers deserve the unjust reward dished out by crooked judges and federal agents -as recompense for turning down a bribe to join Romney's "good ole boys" networks.

Similar battles, such as that of Jeff Baron, Governor Siegelman, Meryl Lanson and BankruptcyMisconduct.com, clearly demonstrate that corruption can run amok, unrestrained. But we - (that is to say You and I) - can and must change this. For, it shouldn't be that any questions remain about JFK, 9/11 and other issues. Why are ordinary citizens rebuked, simply due to the fact that we are mocked and considered foolish, for daring to ask legitimate questions.

Truth be told - the bad guys win - because they have all the power and are united in defeating "U.S."

In order to effect change we need to unite in the purpose.

They, the nefarious hordes and powers that be who rule wickedly, can only do so when we stand idle by. Thus, it begins a new day, where you and I become the Institution Against Corruption Today (I A C T) by studying the ways that are successful in battling tyranny, cronyism and corruption.

We're here as a think tank and also as willing soldiers in anyone's fight against tyranny, cronyism and corruption, for the sake of being a place to unify against it locally, nationally and globally.

No longer can the unjust enjoy their success without the worry of being exposed. Truth is immortal and inflexible, it wins when it is exalted above the bad deeds and presented, in proper manner, for all to see. Dark forces need to keep the facts - in a dark corner. We are here to assist you - to shed light upon the debacles.

It  is an Art of Civil War.


All who have been victimized

and/or those who care about corruption fights

are welcomed here.

Blankfein appears to have lied to Senator Carl Levin. When this issue was seeking resolution, Blankfein obtained a powerful counsel and Senator Levin retired. In his place, we now have Senator Sanders running for President and Elizabeth Warren being a feisty fighter against the entrenched mega banks/ corporations.

Even Senators need our help to make a difference.

You can comment what you wish and propose any solution, story, case or theory. Administrators here will never redact decent banter.

However, with that being said, you are forbidden to attack a person!

We don't care about the sex, nationality, color, race, creed, family lineage, political and/or sexual persuasion of comment parties. All we ask is that you keep it clean as you can. Use S--- or Chit and/or F%$# - as well get the point(s). Save your anger for fueling your tenacity and temerity against those who seek to oppress and steal.

Facts over Fiction!


You may contact us anonymously.

It is well established that the founder of this realm knows how to keep secrets. In all his years of battling crooked behavior and many bad faith parties - he has never betrayed a trust.

Be that as it may, if you still need to send us something and are not comfortable with leaving your name or IP address; then please, by all means, go somewhere neutral that you will never be again.

When you do so, create a phony email account and send us the inform that is important.

(PLEASE NOTE: - You should  consider including a code word or phrase that we will know and remember - in case you have to send us additional information germane to the particular saga).


Corruption Extraordinary

Collusion in many courts with DOJ personnel in on the riggings


Unfortunately, for the most part, humanity is too busy with each persons day to day efforts, to have any time to spare and/or care - about what is happening to you. This is why many esteemed parties such as Albert Einstein, Samuel Adams and more have always remarked that;

Evil reigns upon us, due to those watching its wickedness and standing idle by.

This is why we are here. Whether it be a mortgage rip-off, Ponzi schemer and/or judge, police or even 9/11 - it is axiomatic that the evil must enjoy power and concealment to succeed - and that we need to shed light and overcome their strength, in order to defeat such.

In our founders battle against Mitt Romney, Bain Capital, Paul Traub and Goldman Sachs, it has taken many years to make a dent; because the power of the bad faith parties was great - and the party fighting the entrenched evil was no one of consequence.

Still, he was able to give the bad guys much vex - and you can do the same in your scenario.

You need only remember this simple formula for success. When you go to the press, authorities, blogs (such as this), social media and persons near and far - you seek a solution.

  1. Obtain Qualitative Attention to the troubling matters.
  2. This turns into quantitative attention that negates bad faith power centers.
  3. And such can then effect a result.

Don't expect others to do it for you. One can only help to garner assistance by inspiring others with your own due diligence (not giving up and always staying true).

You can make a difference - if you believe - and care enough to do, what is needed to be done!


Corruption is as Corruption does!

Romney's crony includes former MNAT partner turned into Delaware United States Attorney Colm F'n Connolly



We must never give up and surrender to tyranny, cronyism and corruption. Though others will tell you that you simply can't fight city hall and ever expect to win, you can tell them to STFU; because that's not true.

The founder of this realm has been called all types of names and vile crap. Even when he tries to never make the cases he fought, to be about himself, saying "we" filed this (because, in eToys, Marc Dreier law firm fraud and Tom Petters Ponzi - there are also many other victims), the troglodytes, trolls and naysayers would bark "Who is we"!

If you remember the movie "Running Man", it will know that - way back then - we were given an example of how the corrupt powers that be could computer generate a false film of a man shooting into a crowd and/or the fake scene of a computer mapping of Arnold dying at the end, by the hands of Jesse Ventura.

That was 35 years ago - and CGI has come a long way - since then.

Our founder expects that - one day - you will see (as Romney owns Clear Channel Communications {renamed now as iHeart} - that is) 800 Radio stations, with such parties as Ham'ity, Bucker and LameBlah, all spouting to their 100 million listeners, of how our founder is on video, having relations with a 3 headed unicorn, in Guyana.

Must be true - so many are seeing it - on the telly!


Battles Won as the Civil War Continues

If you will simply take at the 2 immediate above pictures, then you can become aware that the fights are worth fighting and battles can be won. The pyramid of justice depicts Mr. Colm F'n Connolly. He was the former DE Assistant United States Attorney who became partners of Romney/Bain Capital law firm (MNAT) in 1999. (see this website's page "Hall of Shame"). Colm Connolly then became the full United States Attorney, in Delaware, on August 2, 2001. Then he helped bury The Learning Company, Kay Bee and eToys federal cases from being investigated and/or prosecuted, for his entire 7 years in office.

In 2008, Colm Connolly was nominated to become a federal judge - but he didn't make it.

Nah, nah, neh, nah, nah!

That's right, though the founder will never get credit for it, he contacted then Senator Biden and that Senator simply refused to sign the requisite Senator's approval slip - to process Colm Connolly for vote.

You can also see, Romney is below Connolly on the left and below on the right is Paul Traub (also in the picture above that says Goldman Sachs and sideways eToys). Several of their cohorts/ cronies are in prison now. Including, but not limited to, Mike Catain, Larry Reynolds, Frank Vennes (boy was that guy protected), Greg Bell, attorney Rothstein, Bruce Prevost, David Harrold and a plethora of others, along with Marc Dreier (pictured with Traub) and Tom Petters (the Minnesota Ponzi case - the true BIGGIE).

Now matter what anyone says, the websites founder was pounding on and on about those guys (and some gals too) who were engaged in the frauds. There are also law firms closed, including Traub Bonacquist & Fox, Dewey Lebeouf, Hutchins Wheeler and Dreier LLP. All being worked against by those here and assisting Fighting-Corruption.

Want to know who else didn't make it? To see how much one insignificant person, of little consequence can do, even against some of THE MOST Powerful people in our nation, all you need do is look at Willard Mitt (the Pitt's) Romney. For Laser Haas turned down a bribe and reported the chance to be a Mitt buddy (when Romney was running for Governor).

Yes, it is true, Mitt has never (as far as we know) been put under any federal microscope. There's no known and/or reported federal investigation and/or prosecution for his lying on the Office of Government Ethics campaign finance form (OGE 278 in August 2011).

Nor are there any known federal investigations into his Bain Capital and associated parties benefiting from the billions in frauds of The Learning Company, Fingerhut, Petters, Dreier, Solamere/Stanford, Kay Bee and eToys.com schemes and artifices to defraud private and public company and/or federal cases.


Be that as it may, the fact of the matter remains (no matter how much the Boston Globe and Mother Jones may argue about who deserves credit) that Laser Haas was presenting the facts on those cases and crimes - L O N G - before everyone came out with them in the 2012 election. Truth is, Laser was emailing and publicly commenting directly to Matt Taibbi, before the Rolling Stone cover story in September 2012 "Greed and Debt". And, not matter who takes and/or does not give any credit where it may belong, the items warred against and pointed out by the founder of this realm, resulted in the huge issue to question what Romney was hiding by being "retroactive".

The Learning Company

------------- Kay Bee and eToys

--------------------- Colm Connolly becoming a Bain Capital Law firm partner

--------------------------------all transpired their works and/or beginnings during 1999 through 2001

And = though Mitt Romney claims to be "retroactively" retired, during that period of time

The Fact is, these issues were national election issues and - as a result of them

Mitt didn't make it as President of the United States!